SABTT Funding Programme

BRICS Teaching and Research Mobility Programme

The BRICS Teaching and Research Mobility Programme is the South African BRICS Think Tank (SABTT) flagship research funding programme. It seeks to foster global South research partnerships between South Africa and the five member states of BRICS in line of the five thematic areas of research as outlined in the BRICS Long Term Strategy. The five thematic areas are as follows:

  • Promoting cooperation for economic growth and development
  • The maintaining of peace and security
  • Social justice, sustainable development and quality of life
  • Political and economic governance
  •  Achieving progress by sharing knowledge and innovation

Similar to the APP Teaching and Research Mobility Programme, this research initiative provides funding support to established researchers and postgraduate researchers currently registered for either a Masters or Doctoral Programme in the humanities and social sciences pursuing topics that fit within the research ambit of the abovementioned thematic areas. South African researchers are particularly encouraged to foster close and strong research networks with their counterparts in universities forming part of the BRICS university network. Likewise, BRICS researchers wishing to conduct a BRICS-related research project (through the BRICS Mobility Programme) with a South African researcher in any of our participating university are encouraged to apply only with the proviso that they have an invite from a South African researcher.