Engagement Programmes

The objective of the African Pathways Programme Teaching and Research Mobility Initiative is to advance research, teaching and learning in the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) by fostering greater cooperation and dialogue among scholars and postgraduate researchers within the African continent. Funding under this programme will support South African researchers and postgraduate students who undertake research and teaching endeavours at non-South African universities across the African continent.

The African Pathways Programme Mobility Initiative provides support to South African scholars and postgraduate researchers pursuing joint teaching collaborations, establishing teaching programmes, new curriculum development, attending relevant short courses and fostering research networks at non-South African universities across the African continent.

 The South African BRICS Think Thank (SABTT) provides a platform for the National Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIHSS) to pursue its mandate of developing initiatives that contribute towards a better and safer world order through peaceful diplomacy and multilateralism. One of the programmes of the SABTT is the BRICS Research Cluster Projects, which allows the NIHSS to play a vital role in organising joint-research, networking, and exchange programs with a view of addressing the five-research thematic outlined in the BRICS Long-Term Strategy. The SABTT seeks to establish research institutes within existing research institutes residing within public higher education institutions, as well as within research institutes to promote cooperation within and among BRICS countries on various issues.