Building a Post-Pandemic Workforce: An Agenda for Jobs

This session on building a post-pandemic workforce discussed how social safety and protection can be ensured even as the nature of work increasingly takes on more informal characteristics.

The panel explored the new models of education and skilling that are required to equip the present and future workforces and
looked to best practices among the BRICS nations that can be further adapted and adopted. The session placed emphasis on
how the future of work can be made more inclusive, ensuring 20th century inequities are not replicated in the 21st century.

This panel examined the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic on the nature and availability of jobs and explored how BRICS can cooperate to develop a workforce for the future. As a matter of urgency, financial support mechanisms should be explored to expand opportunities for more work-based learning.

Greater collaboration on updating existing higher learning programmes is needed, along with the design of mutually recognised short skills development programmes and amending of funding and quality assurance mechanisms.