Building a BRICS Consensus on Counter-Terrorism

The threats from terrorism and violent extremism continue to pose diverse and complex international peace and stability
challenges. This session on counter-terrorism explored how the BRICS nations can cooperate to counter terrorism and promote
international peace and security.

One of the challenges that were noted during this panel is the lack of mutual trust among the BRICS countries, which have
different priorities and strategies, resulting in geographical dissonance and perceptions towards global threats.

Geopolitics is another security challenge for BRICS and the internet was noted as a significant channel for terrorist mobilisation.

The role of youth in achieving peace was noted as vital as agents of peace, security and anti-radicalisation. More work needs to
be done to ensure that youth are included in decision-making processes and structures and that they engage in dialogues
concerning them.

There was agreement from the panel that all states need to adopt a common terrorism strategy and collaborate on security
issues in the global landscape.