The Role of BRICS in Large-Scale Armed Conflict: Building a Multi-Polar World Order

By: Malte Brosig

This book explores how BRICS countries respond to, and get involved in, large scale armed conflicts. The book argues that through responding to armed conflict and deviating from the preferred Western foreign policy, BRICS countries are actively involved in building a multi-polar and post-western world order.

Publisher: Palgrave McMillan

ISBN: 9783030185374

Year : 2019

Pages: 205


BRICS and the New American Imperialism: Global rivalry and resistance

This book brings together scholars from across the North-South axis to map the shifting fault
lines of the world-system in a perilous conjuncture. The authors revisit contemporary thinking on imperialism and anti-imperialism, drawing on the work of Rosa Luxemburg, one of the leading theorists after Marx, who attempted to understand the expansionary nature of capitalism from the heartlands to the peripheries.

Publisher: Wits University Press

ISBN:  978-1-77614-528-7

Published Date: March 2020

Pages: 234